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Baby Wellness Massage is a service that promotes your little one's physical and emotional well-being through gentle, nurturing touch. During each session, Marie-Josée tailors the massage to your baby's needs, ensuring your little one receives the attention they deserve. Also, Baby Wellness Massage offers more than just massages. Marie-Josée also provides instructions on giving your baby a massage at home and offers group classes in a warm and welcoming environment. These classes are a great way to connect with other new parents and share experiences and sometimes feature special guests who talk about important health topics.

Discover the benefits of Baby Wellness Massage and give you and your baby the gift of relaxation and comfort.

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☾ Baby Massage

☾ Baby Massage for Medical Conditions

☾ Toddler & Pediatric Massage

☾ House Package: Postpartum & Baby Massage

☾ Prenatal / Postpartum Massage

☾ Induction Massage

☾ Fertility Acupressure Massage

☾ Baby Zenergy™ Massage Class (NEW)

☾ Baby Zenergy™ Milestones Class (NEW)

☾ Baby Zenergy™ Massage Class - Online

☾ Baby Massage Telehealth

☾ C-Section Healing Massage

☾ Increase Milk Production & Acupressure Massage

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